How to look after your bronze tools

These tools are made of bronze, an alloy of copper with a little bit of tin, so they don't require any special maintenance because bronze won't rust or degrade.

However, it's always good to look after your tools, so here are some reminders:

  • Avoid leaving tools out in the rain or direct sunlight
  • Bronze tools are supple and elastic so, if they do get a little bent, it's easy to them back into shape. Don't worry the tools will suffer, they will only get tougher and stronger. Just use a rubber mallet and a few taps will do the trick.
  • Don't let the tools come into prolonged contact with acids (such as acetic, uric etc.) as this can cause verdigris, which is toxic. Just wash them clean if needed.
  • As soil tends not to stick to bronze, you'll find our tools much easier to keep clean than steel tools
  • Once a year give the handles a rub with linseed oil.

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