Gardening Gurus use bronze tools

Bob Flowerdew Charles Dowding Gardeners' Question Time Mark Diacono Monty Don

Bob has one, Charles has one, Mark has one, even Monty has one!

That’s Bob Flowerdew, Charles Dowding, Mark Diacono and Monty Don. And they all have a bronze gardening tool or, in some cases, more than one.

Here’s Bob’s description of his trowel on Gardeners’ Question Time on Radio 4:

“It's shaped more like a heart, it's got a point to it, it's curved, and when you stick it into the ground it just seems to bite its own way in. It makes digging holes in the hard soil easy work. And the edge is so hard and sharp like a sword. It doesn't blunt and I can use it to weed with as well...... Fantastic.”

Good to know these gardening gurus recognise the value of bronze tools.

There are gems and sound advice, as you’d expect, in their blogs. Worth a browse:

Or Monty @TheMontyDon.

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