Protect your hands & forearms with Bradley’s wonderful gauntlets

Gardener's Protection Product of the Month

No longer have forearms crisscrossed with scratches and looking like a pincushion full of punctures! Nor ends of fingers sporting deeply embedded thorns.

Bradley's really do make the loveliest leather gardening gloves. Pretty and tough, they provide protection whilst still allowing dexterous work. So these leather and linen gloves were an obvious choice for us to offer our customers.

And they last a long time too - unlike other gloves at similar prices. We've tried so many gloves over our years as professional gardeners and it's Bradleys we chose to offer on our site.

Pyracantha, roses, berberis and holly hold no fear any longer.

Tried, tested and approved!

Adam Edwards is impressed by the Range Rover of gardening gloves

"Most gardeners, thank heavens, are not concerned with sartorial savvy. Battered hats that might grace a Spanish mule and baggy trousers that would flatter the ghetto is as fashionable as the well-dressed horticulturist gets. If a garment is old, ill-fitting and in clashing colours then it is the appropriate dress for tending the patch of greenery that is our pride and joy.

There is, however, one modern accessory that is universal to all men of the soil - gardening gloves. A tough glove is as important to a gardener as the pad is to the cricketer and the boot to the footballer. The glove is the gardener's all-purpose all-weather all-protective chum.

And now a company has emerged to produce what might be termed the Range Rover of gardening gloves. A small tannery in the depths of Shropshire is producing the finest leather gloves thanks to the farming crisis.

Click here to read the rest of Adam's article in the Telegraph

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