Coronavirus - Making The Best Of A Bad Thing

It looks like we'll be entering the "delay" phase for the Coronavirus today with the country being urged to adopt behaviours that could help string out the rate of infection. It's likely that we'll be told to stop socialising, stop going to events etc.

Well, the good news is that we'll still be able to garden! Indeed, I can't think of a better way to banish those Corona blues - fresh air, exercise and, hopefully, some sunshine.

And, if you have to self-isolate when not unwell, think of the impact you could make on your garden over two weeks.

Looking ahead, it's likely that the virus and the measures to delay it will have a big impact on the supply chain. Why not use this as the nudge to up your fruit and veg growing? We're just entering the busy period for sowing and planting, so it's not too late and plenty of plants will give you a crop in a fairly short time.

Where To Buy Vegetable Seeds

We're big fans of heritage seeds and unusual varieties and our favourite supplier is Pennard Plants. They have a great selection, are wonderful guys to deal with and their website is full of useful advice.

Of course, there are many other responsible seed suppliers out there and it's much better for the future of our seed stocks if you avoid buying the generic/hybrid seeds from garden centres and supermarkets.

Where To Buy Vegetable Plants

Local nurseries/growers. You'll find them at your local market or through an internet search. You'll not be surprised if I suggested you shun garden centres and supermarkets!

You can also get vegetable and fruit plants online. There are a host of good suppliers out there but, in the context of this article, it's worth taking a look at Rocket Gardens. Essentially they supply a vegetable garden in a box, giving you a head start on getting things going. They have a range of "gardens" available and their website will guide you through the options and even give you planting plans.

How To Set Up A New Vegetable Garden

The answer to that'd need a book. Oh! We have one here. Charles Dowding's How To Create A New Vegetable Garden.

Here's to a fabulous Spring, to resilience and good health!

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