B Skincare

It’s no secret that the world of gardening can be tough.  With all the bending, twisting and digging that's required to keep such luscious green gardens, our hands, knees and backs can quite often suffer as a result, but not anymore. . .  

Say hello to B Skincare.  A British skincare brand with a passion for all things natural, B Skincare brings you next level rejuvenation.  All of B Skincare’s products are handmade, from scratch, every week using high quality ingredients that are 100% organic.  They even have a range of vegetarian and vegan skincare too!  Their products will soothe your muscles and smooth your skin, giving you a much needed boost after a long day.  So when all the hard work is done, take some time for yourself with this beautiful collection from B Skincare, we just know you’ll love it as much as we do.

Then for added protection alongside your B Skincare, Bradleys the Tannery's leather goods are a must.  Practical yet stylish, they offer the most amazing hand crafted gardening gloves, kneelers, aprons and more, so go on treat yourself (or a loved one), we promise you won’t be disappointed.