Bronze Tools

Traditional in design but not in performance, copper garden tools are the ultimate accessory for the serious gardeners amongst us.  A step up from from your usual garden equipment, copper garden tools bring so much more to your garden.  They deter slugs and snails, enrich the soil, prevent plant infection, alkalise the substrate, ionise surface water. . .the list goes on!  Not only this, but, copper garden tools are a pleasure to work with and do not rust, making them extremely long lasting, helping you glide through soil with ease.  From copper trowels to copper hoes, we've a fantastic selection of copper garden tools to choose from.  Designed by Tomaz Kvasnik at Osti Jarej, his copper garden tools are simply stunning, afterall, who says garden tools have to be boring?!  Then for more beautiful garden essentials, take a look at our collection of gloves, kneelers and aprons from Bradleys the Tannery, we just know you’ll love them as much as we do.