Haws 1 pint Copper Pot Waterer
Haws 1 pint Copper Pot Waterer
Haws 1 Pint Pot Waterer - Copper - Lifestyle

Haws Copper Pot Waterer

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Part of Haws' new range, these pot waterers are just gorgeous.

Taking their styling from the original Haws 100 year old, classic shape, they're still totally right for a contemporary interior.

This stunning indoor copper pot waterer really is special:

  • comes with a slash cut spout, making it ideal for direct and drip free watering of potted plants
  • handcrafted from solid copper by Haws' craftsmen
  • 1 pint (0.5l) capacity
  • comes in a sturdy Haws box
  • Haws 5 year guarantee.

These cans are extremely practical for the home, conservatory or greenhouse and are an ideal can for watering your bonsai.

And what's more they're cute! 

Also available in Sage or Green - click here to find them.

They pair rather nicely with the copper plant mister.

 Haws 5 Year Guarantee

Click here to find out why we chose Haws.

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