Garden Essentials

Want to personalise your garden or accessorise your outdoor area? Adding a few items here and there is a great way to bring some personality to your garden. Copper and nickel are right on trend at the moment, so consider some garden essentials such as copper watering cans and nickel mist sprayers from well known brand, Haws.

Wicker garden trugs also make great accessories for your outdoor space and can be used to carry plants and tools or used as a decorative ornament in your garden.

Colourful twine is also a great option for outdoor accessorising, with brands like Nutscene producing beautiful shades to choose from.

Not only are garden accessories and garden essentials great for your own home, they also make great gift ideas for the ones you love. If a friend or relative is a keen gardener, why not gift them a beautiful item for their outdoor space?

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