Gardener's Protection

Gardening gloves are essential for protecting your hands whilst tending to your plants. Make sure you have a good quality pair of gardening gloves made from sturdy, durable material.

A pair of leather gardening gloves will help to keep your hands and fingers well protected whilst also being long lasting, meaning you won’t have to keep replacing them. Brands such as Pittards and Bradleys The Tannery are well known for their long lasting gardening gloves and are available in a choice of designs to suit your needs.

For further protection, gardeners should also consider some skincare for their hands. B Skincare hand scrub, barrier cream and hand cream is ideal for keeping skin in tip top condition. Gardening can be hard work on your epidermis, so making sure you take care of your skin with the right products is essential.

"It is not often that I take the time to personally comment on the quality of service and goods I receive from a company! We have already had some pleasant exchanges, which is unusual in itself. When the gloves arrived yesterday I was very impressed by the care that had gone into the presentation and packaging. Then, the quality of the gloves is amazing. They are a perfect fit but it will be such a shame to sacrifice them to my pyracantha hedge. Indeed they are nice enough to replace my winter gloves ...I am sure no one would notice the cuffs, would they!? So thank you so much for your good humour and an excellent product and service." DS Sep 17