Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Cutlers To Their Majesties

We'd been looking for a supplier of gardening knives for quite some time and were struggling. There were a few truly exceptional, artisan knife makers we looked at but they weren't able to supply us with a consistent supply.

And then we were introduced to Joseph Rodgers' knives by a customer of ours. Problem solved!

The Joseph Rodgers trademark was first registered in 1682 and the brand went on to become the most famous knife maker in the world, even being appointed to five successive sovereigns - George IV, William IV, Queen Victoria, Edward II and George V.

Rodgers focused on producing the finest quality knives and looked for the best in every aspect of knife production from materials to workmanship. Each knife was branded with the Star and Cross as a guarantee of its superb quality.

Vintage Joseph Rodgers knives are collectors' items.

The knives produced today are no different.