Osti Jarej

Run by our friend Tomaz and his extraordinarily skilled craftsmen in Radovljica, Slovenia, Osti Jarej has been making superior bronze handmade garden tools since 2013. In Radovljica there's a long history of bronze tool making and we're delighted to be part of this revival of traditional skills. The company name 'Osti Jarej' is taken from a runic inscription dating back 2,500 years.

Each part of each tool is made in Slovenia. The handles are made from wood from sustainably managed forests and felling is carefully timed to provide the best timber for handles. These handmade garden tools are designed to fit with the classic golden ratio, enhancing resonance, natural structural stability and aesthetic qualities.

They come with a lifetime warranty (25 years) on the metal parts. The wonderful copper garden tools that Osti Jarej make have truly proved their value in so many ways to us in our gardening, so we're really proud to be the exclusive supplier of these tools in the UK.