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Established back in 1826 by Charles Pittard in Yeovil, Somerset, Pittards gloves has a deserved place among the finest glove makers in the world. 

Over the years Pittards leather have helped outfit round the world yacht racers, and provided leather for the gloves of Spitfire pilots and famous footballers. It's true to say that they know a thing or two about gloves.

Given they're only a few miles from our shop in Castle Cary, it would have been daft for us not to go and talk to them about gardening gloves. The outcome is that we're now very happy to now stock two ranges of gardening gloves from them.

The tan leather gardening Pittards gloves are truly tough and durable, cowhide with reinforced palms, unlined to allow more movement and a genuine workhorse of a glove.

The Lightweight Utility Pittards Gloves are made with fine sheepskin for light and dextrous work, treated to be water resistant and made with the same leather as used in their sports gloves.