Pruning & Cutting

It’s no surprise that, when it comes to gardening, the right tools make all the difference.  So when it's time for cutting and pruning, the right garden secateurs go a long way.  

As professional gardeners, clients were often surprised at how much we could achieve and that was largely down to the tools we used.  From pruning saws and garden secateurs to sharpening stones and shears, we are proud to say that we have each of these items hanging in our own garden shed!  

And if it’s next level pruning you desire, then look no further than the amazing Japanese secateurs.  Formed out of the finest Izumo Yasugi steel, traditionally used for the Katana Samurai swords, these Japanese secateurs are a pure revelation in use, and we can’t wait for you to discover our garden secateurs for yourself.

Looking for more than garden secateurs?  Great, let us help.  We have a wide range of gardening equipment available including bronze gardening tools, garden essentials and even a range of children's gardening tools for the little helpers in your life.