Silky Fox: Sugoi Professional Japanese Pruning Saw No. 390-36 or Sugoi 360
Silky Fox: Sugoi Professional Japanese Pruning Saw No. 390-36 or Sugoi 360
Silky Fox: Sugoi Professional Japanese Pruning Saw No. 390-36 or Sugoi 360

Silky Fox: Sugoi Professional Japanese Pruning Saw No. 390-36 or Sugoi 360

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The Sugoi is an awesome saw. It's hard to convey just how awsome. Knife through butter comes to mind.

It's said to be a real alternative to using a chainsaw and I wouldn't disgree. There's good reason why most arborists use Silky saws. 

  • Rigid 1.8mm thick super alloy steel blade
  • Large rubber hand grip absorbs vibration and gives great grip in the wet or in the cold
  • Tip for cutting ivy and vines
  • Tough scabbard with leg straps
  • Blade length 360mm: less strokes = less effort!
  • Extra large teeth - for fast work
  • 6.5 teeth/30mm
  • Mirai-Me - 4 cutting angles along the blade allowing rip-cutting, cross cutting and slant cutting.

I took my Sugoi to a felling course at Flimwell and everybody wanted to have a go using it, including the instructor.

The Sugoi 360 (as it's commonly called) is a professional, heavy duty curved pruning saw for cutting large branches, but is so sharp you can cleanly prune small branches with it too. It offers a genuine alternative to using a small chainsaw. The word ‘Sugoi’ actually means ‘Incredible’ in Japanese. The curved blade offers greater cutting speed with less effort while the aggressive tooth pattern is ideal for pruning larger branches. The Sugoi uses proprietary Mirai-Me (Smooth Cutting) Technology – ‘The teeth of the future!’

This Sugoi has a 360mm blade and the teeth ratio is relatively coarse with 6.5 teeth per 30mm.

The saw has a large grooved rubber handle which is comfortable to hold, reduces vibration and provides superior grip in wet and cold conditions. Every Sugoi comes with a custom made bright yellow scabbard with a ‘D’ ring attachment and slots for leg straps if required.

The saws are designed to have replaceable blades and all other parts are also available.

Sugoi blades can be re-sharpened for longer life. We have two Sugois in the shed, one has been consigned to being a root saw and the other remains in frequent use.

Made in Japan, where the best sharp things come from.

"Thank you for my lovely new silky saw. And the personal note, all wrapped in tissue. Lovely!" KA 2017 

WARNING. NEVER CUT DIRECTLY ABOVE YOUR HEAD. Always consider where the falling branches will land on the ground. We strongly recommend the use of protective hard hats and glasses.

WARNING. Silky Saws are extremely sharp so please be careful when using and keep away from children. Be particularly careful at the end of a cut when the saw comes free of the limb. I dropped a Sugoi once and it caught my leg above the knee - the scar's still there, a neat line of tooth marks.

MANUFACTURER WARNING. Incorrect use of a Silky Saw may cause injury. Silky, its affiliates, subsidiaries, importers, distributors and dealers are not responsible for and shall not be liable for any fatality, injury, loss, or damage resulting from the use of its products.

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If you've not used a Silky saw before, it's worth having a quick look at this video.

Here's a good video from the Canadian distributors explaining why it's such a great saw.

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