Silky Fox

Silky Fox saws have a worldwide reputation for being the best pruning saws you can buy. There's a very good reason they are the saw of choice for tree surgeons.

Silky Pruning saws have been made in Japan by Um: Kogyo Inc since 1919. Unique technology and design have been applied to produce this extensive range of Silky pruning saws and tools with extraordinary cutting ability. We also stock Silky folding saws which can fit in your pocket, having a solution to hand rather than going back and forth to the shed. With the Silky folding saw, the blade folds easily and the sharp teeth are safely covered, concealed in the handle.

Choose from a collection of high-quality Silky Fox saws available at The Wonderful Garden Company with free delivery when you spend over £50 on your order. We also bring you copper garden tools and garden secateurs in our store.