Straight on shot of Sneeboer 14cm dutch push hoe head
Angled shot of Sneeboer 14cm Dutch push hoe head
Sneeboer & Zn Dutch Push Hoe
Shot of onion shaped end of the handle of a 14cm Sneeboer Dutch Push Hoe

Sneeboer & Zn Dutch Push Hoe

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This Sneeboer Dutch Hoe has a very efficient design thanks to the forward facing 14 cm wide blade which slices through established and emergent weeds.

The ash handle is both strong, smooth and long enough to give you enough leverage to guide the hoe on, or just below, the soil surface

A Dutch Push Hoe is a real essential in any tool collection. It's one of the tools we always advised clients to buy when we were gardening. We even convinced one lady, whose mother described the hoe as "a lazy man's tool", that her mother was wrong.

Hoeing isn't strenuous and is highly effective. And it's easily done with a glass of wine in your hand at the end of a long day.

  • Width of head 14 cm
  • Length of head 4.5 cm
  • Length of handle 155 cm
  • Total length 171 cm
  • Material of handle Ash wood
  • Weight 1.25 kg

Sneeboer - tools for life and generations to come.

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