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Haws 4.5 Litre Long reach Professional Metal Watering Can

Now Spring is officially here (even if the weather's still to catch up) the Haws 4.5 litre Long Reach Professional Metal Watering Can had to be our product of the month.

Not only does the long spout make it easy to reach further into your borders or your green house, its length means that it delivers a more constant water pressure.

Haws have been making cans since 1886 and there's a reason they're still going strong today - their cans are simply the best available.

  • Fully galvanised before being painted - the can will last for years and years
  • The all brass rose delivers the perfect shower to your plants
  • The can is carefully engineered to be balanced, taking the strain out watering
  • Guaranteed for 10 years against manufacturing defects
  • Made in Smethwick in the UK
  • Available in Sage, Green or Titanium.

This can will last a lifetime, so represents much better value than buying a cheap plastic can which will become brittle and break.

Helpful hints?

  • Fit the rose facing upwards for the finest spray
  • Fit the rose facing downwards for more of a soaking
  • Prevent seedling washout by taking the can away from the watering area before it empties completely
  • If the rose holes become blocked, soak in a weak bleach solution or blow through with air
  • Store upside down in cold weather to prevent damage from freezing water.

Find out more about Haws by clicking here.

 Haws 4.5 Litre Long Reach Professional Watering Can - Titanium Colour