Worm Magic - Worm Castings - Super Food For Plants

Good for your plants
Good for the soil
Good for the planet


Using worm fertiliser (vermi-castings) or setting up your wormery to make your own is a great way to grow healthy, abundant plants using a totally natural fertiliser.

Our worm fertiliser is produced in Somerset, where we live. It's a fantastic alternative to chemical fertiliser and is packed full of beneficial soil micro-organisms and nutrients that will not only improve crop yields but help restore the soil and produce better yields.

The worms are fed a healthy diet (obviously totally peat free) and this makes all the difference to the quality of their castings. Not all castings are created equal!

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Here's a video from Charles Dowding using our worm castings in a compost comparison experiment.

Benefits of organic castings
Unlike chemical fertilisers, worm castings release their nutrients slowly. Chemical fertilizers are usually quick-release and create a surplus in nutrients, followed by a drop. Due to the microbial life in the worm castings there is a constant steady supply of nutrients. Chemical fertilisers are very prone to water-washing, by watering the soil a lot of nutrients get dragged out of the soil medium and away from the roots. Worm castings are very resistant to this phenomenon.

  • Full of beneficial soil micro-organisms
  • Very high humus content
  • Contain slow release, natural fertilisers
  • Provide nutrients available in a form that plants can
    readily use
  • Absorb 2-3 times their own weight in water
  • Hold water well, so less watering is required
  • Enhance resistance to disease
  • Encourage healthy/strong root systems
  • Produce strong, healthy plants
  • Improve crop yields.

Microbial life
The bacteria and fungus naturally present in the worm castings create a strong basis for a healthy plant. The soil is an ecosystem in itself and there is a constant exchange and flow of nutrients, minerals and other organic components. The microbial life helps plants with the uptake and regulating of the macro- and micronutrients.