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Nick and Ange at The Wonderful Garden Company

"Thank you very much. A great service, catalogue and will definitely be recommending WGC to others." JR 2017


We're Nick and Ange and we're The Wonderful Garden Company - you'd probably already guessed we're not some faceless multi-national.

So, here, at The Wonderful Garden Company we're obsessed with one thing; gardening.

Having worked as gardeners for many years, we've learned through trial and error the value of investing in well made, great products. Good tools are efficient, hard-wearing, valuable (in the broader sense of the word), and a pleasure to use. Good gloves last more than a day......

We want to change your gardening experience for the better by selecting the best and most effective garden tools and accessories, however much you know about gardening. 

The gardening products we stock have truly proved their value to us in so many ways. So we're really happy to share them with you.

Our ethos is guided by Morris' tenet that things should either be useful or beautiful; preferably both.

In 2018 we decided that operating from a dingy warehouse wasn't necessarily the best option and opened our lovely shop in Castle Cary - and now get to meet and talk to our customers and they get to see and handle our products.

But don't worry if you can't get to the shop. It's our aim that, as far as possible, your online experience will be as good as coming to the shop.

We love the things we're selling and hope you do to.


Nick and Ange

P.s. To find out more do contact us; either email us at hello@thewonderfulgardencompany.co.uk or call us on 07939 486713.

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"What a great service, thank you!" NI 2017