Garden Consultancy - the right advice just when you need it.


Let me introduce myself. I’m Nick erstwhile professional gardener with many years of experience both informally and later, formally, at Nick’s Nice Gardens. And now proprietor at The Wonderful Garden Company and The Wonderful Garden Consultant. 

After setting aside professional gardening to launch The Wonderful Garden Company, I found I was offering garden consultancy to customers and old gardening clients alike. So, it made sense to let everybody know this is a service I still offer. 

Why use a Garden Consultant? 

Most people have a vision of the garden they want – whether it’s courtyard or part of a country estate – but setting out to realise that vision can be daunting. That’s where a garden consultant can help. 

As a garden consultant, I’ll give you independent advice, as there’s no vested interest and help you transform your garden. I’m not assuming I’ll be the contractor doing the work and I can help you find the right firm or individual to take on the work.  

My objective is to allow you to enjoy your garden and your gardening. I will give you the benefit of my knowledge and experience saving you headaches and wasted effort/money. 

Do you need a Garden Consultant? 

Garden overwhelm – it’s all a bit much and you don’t know where to start or what’s best 

New to gardening – you're keen to get stuck in but need someone to teach you the skills to maintain and improve your garden. 

Vegetables and fruit – something you’ve always wanted to grow but you need some help and advice.

What services do I offer? 

  • General garden advice 
  • Garden assessment 
  • Project management (costing, sourcing etc.) 
  • Maintenance schedules 
  • Specialist work including pruning – wisteria, fruit trees roses etc. This provides a great opportunity for you to learn techniques and tips 
  • Training – more like garden coaching. Why not get some friends to join in and share the cost?
  • Lawn care advice and access to products only available to professionals 
  • Planting plans and sourcing of quality plants. 

What will you get? 

  • An initial consultation to find out just what the issues are and what you want to achieve 
  • We’ll have a walk around and chat. I’ll take notes and photographs 
  • Do ask questions – it's good idea to jot down your questions in advance 
  • Recommendations based on what we’ve talked about 
  • A post visit report with recommendations and advice
  • Ongoing support. 

How much does it cost? 

I aim to keep my charges as simple and straightforward as possible and charge £60 per hour for both consultancy and training.

Typically an initial visit and report will take 2 to 2.5 hours.