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Haws - Made In Britain For Over 130 Years

Old Haws Copper Watering can on a bench

Haws, founded in 1886, is the oldest watering can company in the world. The company, based in Smethwick in the West Midlands, have been manufacturing high quality gardening equipment for five generations.

John Haws founded the company in 1886 whe he patented a watering can that was easier to carry and tip than any other watering device before it. This innovative new design was awarded the National Chrysanthemum Society Gold Medal in 1894 and, to this day, their cans hold true to that same, iconic design.

After 130 years Haws is still a family owned business.

Every one of their hand crafted products is unique, as no two cans are identical, yet every one of them is made to the finest quality by proud and expert craftsmen and women.

They're a company who truly believe in the quality of hand made British goods.

The original design has hardly altered over the years - whether full, half full or empty the can can be used without undue strain to the carrier. 

"Top 10 Gardening Accessories" - as voted by The Telegraph

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