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Three tins of blond twine withretro looking brown labels.
A close up of 3 tins of blond twine with brown retro style brown labels.
A close up of a single tin of blond twine with a brown, retro style label.

Nutscene Blond Tin of Twine

This Blond Tin of Jute Twine is the very latest addition to Nutscene's iconic Twines in a Tin range.

Fabulous - the original and best Twine in a tin!.

The tin holds a spool of heritage twine which provides 150 m of Blond Jute.

UK manufactured…all of it! Produced in Nutscene's factory in the county of Angus, Scotland on their original winding machines which date back to circa 1922.

Pull from the centre of the spool to prevent tangles.

Tin contains 150mts of 3ply Jute Twine. 3 strands plied, about 3 mm thickness.

The overall dimensions of the tin are: height is 12 cm, diameter is 8.5 cm.

Nutscene Jute twines are biodegradable and harvested from sustainable resources.

Please note that if left in damp conditions the tin will rust.