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Charles Dowding: Salad Leaves For All Seasons
Charles Dowding working in a vegetable bed.

Charles Dowding: Salad Leaves For All Seasons

Organic growing from plot to plate.

"An essential book for every garden and kitchen." Nigel Slater, author and TV presenter.

The Number one book for anyone who loves salads." Anna Pavord, gardening writer

Here's how to grow delicious salad leaves all year round, whether you have a garden or a windowsill.

  • Enjoy healthy plants grown in healthy manner in healthy soil
  • Discover a wide variety of salad leaves you've never encountered before
  • Grow micro leaves int he tiniest of spaces
  • Master the secrets of the seasons to have a tast crop, whatever the weather
  • Show off the taste and vitality of your home-grown salad in delicious recipes.

Charles Dowding is an expert gardener and authour of many gardening books and articles. He also runs enormously popular courses. He is known as the guru of no-dig gardening.

Signed by Charles.

253 pages, hardback.