Charles Dowding: Skills For Growing

Charles Dowding: Skills For Growing

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Sowing, Spacing, Planting, Picking, Watering and More

How to be successful in growing vegetables.

No Dig Gardening guru Charles Dowding's latest book is an essential addition to any gardener's bookshelf.

  • Use time creatively to maximise growth
  • Discover cost-effective and productive-per-area methods
  • Grow vegetables easily throughout the year
  • Plan, sow, multi-sow, transplant, space, water, harvest and succeed with succession
  • Improve growth while working alongside nature

In ‘Skills for Growing’ Charles shares the knowledge and techniques you need for success in all aspects of vegetable gardening, based on his decades of experience.

The book is 56000 words and comprises 5 parts for the 17 chapters, all illustrated with beautiful, captioned photos from Charles' no dig, organic garden in Somerset, Southwest UK.

The book is a fantastic resource for anyone wishing to learn new skills, or to improve and tune the skills they already have, in order to grow bigger and healthier harvests from a given space.


“Skills for Growing is overflowing with advice and instructions based on years’ worth of detailed data gathering and observation. It is vibrantly illustrated with images of the crops he grows at his market garden Homeacres, which are refreshingly unromantic and so genuinely complementary to the written guidance, making this a feast for both the brain and eyes.”

Claire Ratinon, author and organic food grower – Gardens Illustrated 

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