Charles Dowding's Vegetable Garden Diary - No Dig Gardening
Charles Dowding in his No Dig vegetable garden

Charles Dowding's Vegetable Garden Diary

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This "diary" from Charles Dowding, guru of all things No Dig, cannot fail to inpsire anybody who likes the thought of growing amazing produce with less effort.

It's a manual of gardening to inform and inspire you: packed with photographs and wire bound with a laminated cover for easy and prolonged use.

Use it year after year, as there are no days of the week, just the date, and store your own thoughts and observations for future reference.

Advice in the diary section is linked to each week of the season:

  • sow seed at the best moment – seeds neither fail in cold nor start too late
  • sowing and planting methods, plus raising plants at home
  • the advantages of no dig
  • maintain control of weeds through timely mulching and hoeing
  • how to feed soil, for strong and healthy growth, more easily
  • when and how to make all the harvests, with advice on storing produce

This is a garden companion of seasonal prompts, and then your own additions in the any year format (no days of the week), all in the context of precise information about how to grow great vegetables.

Three quarters of the pages are gardening advice, one quarter is diary space.

The perfect present for your gardening friends and family.

"Charles Dowding is renowned for his no-dig approach to growing and the benefits it brings in saving money, less weeding, plant health and harvests for all seasons. Although this spiral bound book is a ‘diary’ of sorts, this only tells half the story as it is also packed with tips, guidance and nuggets of gardening wisdom on various aspects of growing fruit and veg.

From care of the soil to making compost to how to manage individual plants, this book is structured chronologically month by month, as you would expect." Kitchen Garden Magazine, 2017

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