Creamore Mill Vibrating Beech Seed Chute
Creamore Mill Vibrating Beech Seed Chute

Creamore Mill Seed Chute

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The team at Creamore Mill have come up with a rather nifty idea - a vibrating chute for sowing fiddly seeds with ease.

We're asked more questions about this than anything else in the shop - children tend to think it's for making frog noises.

Makes a great gift for any gardener.

  • Vibrating chute for ease of sowing
  • Dispense an even flow of any size of seed
  • Helps eliminate thinning, saving time and seeds
  • Made in the UK from natural Beech

How to use

Vibrates seeds for quick and easy sowing. No clumping - less waste.

  1. Prepare seed trays or soil beds
  2. Place seed in the seed chute
  3. Hold the ball end of the stick in the other hand
  4. Keeping the seed chute level, rub the stick against the grooves to vibrate the seeds
  5. Control the flow of seed by gradually tipping the seed chute forward whild rubbing
  6. Hold the stick closer to the tip to increase vibrations and the flow rate. 

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