Korean HoMi - Hand Forged Hand Hoe and Weeder
Korean HoMi - Hand Forged Hand Hoe and Weeder
Korean HoMi - Hand Forged Hand Hoe and Weeder
Korean HoMi - Hand Forged Hand Hoe and Weeder
HoMi - master blacksmith

Korean HoMi - Hand Forged Hand Hoe and Weeder

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The Koreans have been using Korean Homi, both in the fields and their gardens, for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Today's version of a Korean HoMi is a distillation of the experience gained over all those years and the result is a totally functional tool that also happens to be an object of beauty. Straight from the Daejanggan forge in Yeongju, shop the garden hand hoe with The Wonderful Garden Company to experience a stylish and effective garden weeder.

We're so happy to be able to offer these hand forged Korean Homis crafted by the finest maker in Korea. I've been using one for the last six months and absolutely love how versatile it is. Forget the traditional trowel or fork (which end up knackering your hands), try a Korean Homi or hand forged hand hoe instead. We've never before disparaged other tools but please note this hand forged HoMi is nothing like the mass produced versions. Rolls Royce vs. Lada

  • 100% hand made - all parts of a Homi are hand-made by a master blacksmith who has been making this product for decades in Korea. They don't come better than this.
  • Multi-purpose - the Homi is powerful tool for weeding, edging, tilling, digging, planting and any other garden-related work.
  • Strong and durable - its head is made from strong hand-forged steel.
  • Sturdy handle - the Homi has a wooden handle giving a firm grip. The tang is turned over at the end of the handle, so the handle won't come off.
  • Overall length - 30cm
  • Length of head - 15cm
  • Width of head - 9cm
  • Weight - 27g
  • Head- hand forged and tempered steel
  • Handle - wood 

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