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Pittards Lightweight Utility Gloves

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These are very fine gloves, made from sheepskin, ideal for light work in the garden where you don't want to wear synthetic gloves and where tactility is important.

Also ideal as horse riding gloves, particulalry as dressage gloves where feel is so very important.

The leather is treated using Pittards' WR100X technology which protects leather from the damaging effects of water and perspiration helping it remain soft and comfortable.

  • Sports leather - Pittards WR100X in pearl white
  • Leather properties - water resistant with a very natural finish (imperfections in the leather will not affect its water resistant properties)
  • Glove lining - unlined
  • Detail - contrast cuff
  • Glove sizes - XS (7/white cuff) S (8/red cuff) M (9/yellow cuff)

What size is right for you? To discover your leather glove size, measure around the knuckles (excluding the thumb) and the palm of your dominant hand. The measurement you have taken in inches is your glove size. Simple.

How to care for your gloves?

Hand wash gloves in luke warm water using a mild detergent such as liquid soap flakes. Leave to dry naturally away from any direct heat sources.

Here's a link to our Quick Guide To Buying Gardening Gloves and Garden Glove Sizes.

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