Silky Fox Gomtaro Professional Pruning Saw 300-8
Silky Fox Gomtaro Professional Pruning Saw 300-8
Silky Fox Gomtaro Professional Pruning Saw 300-8
Silky Fox Gomtaro Professional Pruning Saw No. 300-8

Silky Fox: Gomtaro Professional Pruning Saw 300-8

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It's one of the most popular and longest standing Silky saws and is widely used by professionals and serious amateurs alike for the general pruning of medium to large size branches. Razor sharp and highly efficient.

This Gomtaro has a 300mm blade and 8 teeth per 30mm for a smooth finish when cutting dryer and/or harder wood. Particularly good for thinning out fruit trees.

The saw comes with a comfortable rubber handle and a custom made, durable black polypropylene holster which can be attached to a belt or leg strap. The holster has a clever locking system to keep the saw safely in place when not in use.

The saw is designed to have replaceable blades to help save money and all other parts are also available. Just contact us and we'll order one for you.

Made in Japan, where the best sharp things come from.

  • Gom rubber handle - absorbs vibrations and gives you a positive grip
  • Non-set teeth - you need less power to saw and get a really clean cut
  • Impulse hardened teeth - last 3 times longer than untreated teeth
  • Mirai-me - Silky's patented teeth all have 4 cutting surfaces and will give you the cleanest of cuts, allowing the wound on a tree to overgrow easily.

WARNING. NEVER CUT DIRECTLY ABOVE YOUR HEAD. Always consider where the falling branches will land on the ground. We strongly recommend the use of protective hard hats and glasses.

WARNING. Silky Saws are extremely sharp so please be careful when using and keep away from children. Be particularly careful at the end of a cut when the saw comes free of the limb. I dropped a Sugoi once and it caught my leg above the knee - the scar's still there, a neat line of tooth marks.

MANUFACTURER WARNING. Incorrect use of a Silky Saw may cause injury. Silky, its affiliates, subsidiaries, importers, distributors and dealers are not responsible for and shall not be liable for any fatality, injury, loss, or damage resulting from the use of its products.

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A bit simplistic, but here's a video on how to use your Silky saw, useful if you've not had a Silky before.

Here's a video from outlining the merits of the Gomtaro.

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