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Sneeboer children's spade with ash handle
Front of blade of Sneeboer children's spade
Throat and top of blade of Sneeboer children's spade
Handle slotting into throat of Sneeboer children's spade

Sneeboer & Zn Children's Spade


This high quality children's spade will appeal to children over the age of 6 who have developed the gardening bug or to those who want to foster a lifelong love of gardening.

The compact size and lightness of the children's tools, combined with the practicality and strength of stainless steel will give them their best tools ever and ones they will always remember.

And because they last they can be handed down, generation to generation.

  • Width of head 14 cm
  • Length of head 18 cm
  • Length of handle 75 cm
  • Total length 92 cm
  • Material of handle Ash wood
  • Weight 0.5 kg

Sneeboer - tools for life and generations to come.

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