Sneeboer stainless steel pitch fork with ash handle
The tines of a Sneeboer pitch fork
Four tines of a Sneeboer pitch fork
Close up of the tines of a Sneeboer pitchfork
The tines and throat of a Sneeboer pitchfork

Sneeboer & Zn Compost Fork or Pitchfork

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Compost fork, pitchfork and manure fork are just few of the names this garden tool has been called.

With four long thin tines, the Sneeboer compost fork/pitchfork easily pierces into mulch, hay, compost and other loose materials.

  • Width of head 18 cm
  • Length of head 25 cm
  • Length of handle 90 cm
  • Total length 120 cm
  • Number of tines 4
  • Length of tines 23 cm
  • Between tines 5 cm
  • Material of handle Ash wood
  • Weight 1.7 kg

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