Sneeboer 7 tine hand rake
Tines of Sneeboer hand rake
Tines of Sneeboer hand rake
Joining point of tines and handle of Sneeboer hand rake
Tines of Sneeboer hand rake
Side view of Sneeboer hand rake

Sneeboer & Zn Leaf Rake with 7 Tines

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A small hand rake is a good addition to any tool collection.

When working as gardeners we found we used it all the time - it's great for clearing up round plants or under hedges and other hard to reach places. Or for tidying up after topiary clipping.

We'd not be without one.

  • Width of head 11 cm
  • Length of head 25 cm
  • Length of handle 14 cm
  • Total length 39 cm
  • Number of tines 7
  • Length of tines 18 cm
  • Between tines 1.5 cm
  • Material of handle Ash wood
  • Material of head - stainless steel
  • Weight 0.25 kg

Sneeboer - tools for life and generations to come.

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