Sneeboer & Zn Pot/Container Knife
Sneeboer & Zn Pot/Container Knife
Sneeboer & Zn Pot/Container Knife

Sneeboer & Zn Pot/Container Knife

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New from our friends at Sneeboer, this is the tool you never knew you needed. That is until you've tried to take out a pot bound plant from a pot or container, particularly if it's a pot bellied pot.

Over the years, I've spent what seems like hours trying to tease plants out of clients' precious pots. It's a frustrating job.

Now Sneeboer have come up with a unique solution. A long bladed knife that you can work in round the plant to dislodge it. Bothe the sides an the end of the blade are sharp making the job so simple.

It's such a good idea, the knife was a finalist in the RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year 2020.

  • Width of head 3.4cm
  • Length of head 40.5cm
  • Length of handle 12,5 cm
  • Total length 53.5 cm
  • Material of handle Red Beech
  • Weight 0.16kg

Watch a video of Jaap Sneeboer telling all.


How to look after your knife

  • Due to humidity there is a slight possibility that the metal blade will get a light-brown colour, which is easily wiped-off with a cleaning cloth.
  • Depending on the humidity, we recommend that you wipe the red-beech grip 2 or 3 times with boiled linseed oil.
  • If the blade needs sharpening, we recommend the use of a whetstone.

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