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The Wonderful Garden Company Genuine Panama Plantation Hat
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The Wonderful Garden Company Genuine Panama Plantation Hat

As gardeners we're frequently encouraged to cover up, the dangers of too much sun being well known. So cover up in style with our lovely Plantation Panama Hats.

These fine hats are hand woven in Ecuador, the home of the Panama hat, finished and, finally, expertly blocked here in the UK.

They're woven using the classic cuenca weave, with the finest hats taking a master weaver up to 8 months to complete. A hat then goes through more processes to finish the brim, shape it, remove imperfections, bleach the straw, and add interior bands. In all it is usual for a hat to be worked on by at least 6 people.

The quality of a hat is judged by the tightness of its weave, which can clearly be seen on our hats.

How to look after your hat:

  • use steam from a kettle and stiff bristle hat brush or a clean pencil rubber to remove dust and dirt
  • if your hat gets wet, dry off with a sponge or cloth and allow to dry naturally away from direct sun and heat
  • when not in use store out of direct sun - the back shelf in your car is really not a good place!