Wood Tools: Bushcraft Axe
Wood Tools Woodland Axe
Leather Axe Sheath
Leather Axe Sheath for Bushcraft Axe
Leather Axe Sheath
Wood Tools Bushcraft Axe
Wood Tools Bushcraft Axe
Wood Tools Bushcraft Axe
Wood Tools Bushcraft Axe
Wood Tools: Bushcraft Axe
Wood Tools Woodland Axe

Wood Tools: Woodland Axe and Sheath

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"Robin has, in my opinion, crafted a tool from decades of experience with fine materials and expertise that rivals the Masters in the field." JD

We've been waiting some time to offer a really decent axe and here it is.

The Woodland Axe is the result of the father and daughter collaboration between renowned tool maker Robin Wood and his daughter Jojo.

What they've created is an outstanding small axe perfect for all bushcraft type activities, hedge laying and felling and splitting at home. It's as good as those made by a certain Swedish company but about half the price.

The axe has a great feel to it. It has the weight to do the job yet is light enough to carry with you.

It's ground to a fine convex finish which makes it suitable for felling, cross cutting, splitting firewood and general use. The finishing is done be Brian Alcock, the last independent grinder in Sheffield with 50 year of experience. After grinding, Brian hones the axes to a truly razor sharp edge.

  • Total weight is 1000g
  • Hickory handle is 19″ long 
  • Drop forged from high carbon steel
  • Hardened to 57 Rockwell
  • Ground and honed by Brian Alcock
  • Leather sheath included

The handles are something else and very different from anything else on the market. They're turned from top quality hickory and left with a textured, ribbed finish rand then oiled with linseed oil grown by Durwin Banks in West Sussex. This gives you a true grip and and the reassurance that the axe won't slip in your hand, regardless of the weather.

Any sharp edge is edge is fragile and potentially dangerous, so it really makes sense to always keep your axe covered with a sheath. We supply the woodland axe with a tough one made from from top quality English vegetable tanned leather. The sheaths normally retail at £17.50 but we're including them within the price of the axe at £11.


Under UK legislation, axes are an age restricted product and can't be sold or supplied to anyone under 18. If you pay by credit card we'll take it that you're over 18. You can, of course, pay by Paypal and other means but we'll contact you before sending out your axe to ask for proof of age - this will need to be a scan of your passport, driving licence etc.

How To Look After Your Axe

These axes are made from high carbon steel which will rust if you put them away wet, so dry them off before putting them away. Give your axe an occasional wipe with a little oil to keep moisture at bay. 

The handle has already been treated with linseed oil but will benefit from an occasional wipe with oil.

The best sharpening tip we could give anyone is to not damage the edge in the first place. A good edge will last if cared for, yet can be severely damaged in a second if it touches any stone, metal or dirt. So it makes good sense to always keep your axe in a protective sheath when not in use to keep the edge in perfect condition.

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