Worm Magic Worm Fertiliser
Worm Magic Worm Fertiliser
Worm Magic Worm Fertiliser

Worm Magic - Worm Fertiliser (vermi-castings)

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Good for your plants - Good for the soil - Good for the planet

Totally natural, our worm fertiliser (vermi-castings) are a fantastic alternative to chemical fertilisers.

Why use Worm Magic worm fertiliser?

  • Full of beneficial soil micro-organisms
  • Very high humus content
  • Contains slow release, natural fertilisers
  • Provides nutrients available in a form that plants can readily use
  • Absorbs 2-3 times its own weight in water and holds water well, so less watering is required
  • Enhances resistance to disease and pests
  • Encourages healthy / strong root systems for equally healthy & strong plants
  • Improves crop yields

How to use Worm Magic worm fertiliser

Because it's incredibly concentrated you only need to use a little. If you're planting a new plant simply put a little scoop in the hole and then put your plant in its new home.

For existing plants, you can sprinkle a handful around the base of the plant and it will soak up the nutrients.

Generally speaking you only need to use as little as 10-20% when mixed with compost to feed a plant throughout the growing season. Scientific tests have shown that using up to 30% will improve crop yields, thereafter there is no further incremental gain of adding more worm fertiliser in to your mix.

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